Jazz Diamond Level 4

In this level you will be tested for your precision on the level 4 techniques.

By going through a warm-up sequence, you will be assessed for your precison based on the following techniques:

Basics & Posture

1) Pointing Toes
2) Turn In & Out
3) Contractions
4) Arm Extensions in Arabasque


1) Leg Kicks
2) Circular Kicks
3) Leg Flicks
4) Leg Extensions
5) Transfer of Weight with Gallop (Forward & Back)
6) Step Ball Change with Pas de Bourres
7) Circular Pas de Bourres


1) 2 Pirouette from Kick Ball Change
2) 1 Pirouette from Chasse Pas de Bourres
3) Pique Turns


1) Floor Rolls
2) Backbend
3) Toe Rises


1) Hop & Split Jump
2) Split Jump (in Straddle)



You will need to choreograph the techniques examined in this level into a 3 minutes song.