Jazz Silver Level 2

In this level you will be tested for your precision on the level 2 techniques.

By going through a warm-up sequence, you will be assessed for your precison based on the following techniques:

Basics & Posture

1) Pointing Toes
2) Turn In & Out
3) Contractions


1) Leg Kicks
2) Leg Extensions
3) Transfer of Weight with Gallop (Side)
4) Leg Drags
5) Kick Ball Change
6) Pas de Bourres


1) Chasse Turn
2) 1 Pirouette from Kick Ball Change


1) Twist to Floor


1) Jumps with 2 Feet
2) Jumps with 1 Feet (Hops)
3) Pony Jump



You will need to choreograph the techniques examined in this level into a 3 minutes song.