Salsa Level 9

In this level you will be tested for your precision on the following Salsa dance techniques.

Partnerwork Dance Elements:

Dance inter to advance moves to 1 average tempo song (eg, Salsa Una song)

Able to do call and execute 30 basic rueda commands

Individual Dance Elements:

1) Both: 8 styling in a 3 min song
2) Both: 4 x 8 of shines
3) Both: Solo 3 Spins
4) Follower: Assisted 10 spins

You will need to choreograph variations using the 5 techniques learned in intermediate salsa classes into a 3 minutes song. You are not allowed to include repeated back - to - back Basic step into any part of the choreography. You will not be allow to repeat any moves except Cross body lead, simple turn and cross body lead turn.