Dance Videos

Videos of some students who have been certified by ACDance:

Salsa & Bachata

Derek & Lyn (Derek is a Latin Champion and have been teaching dance for more than 20 years)

Manfred & Rozana

Wai Hwang & Bianca



Harry & Joyce

Kyo & Natalie

Nigel & Grace

Melvin & Yan Ling

Jian Yang
(Champion Of both the First Singapore Salsa Championship and Xenbar Salsa Competition, professional category)

Tian Yew & Joyce

Dickson & Tori ( Latin Champion 1999 to 2001)

Anthony & Natalie

Jinn & Roz

Ms Choo Yanqing who has since join ACDance Board of Advisors and was the very first student who has been certified by ACDance in 2005.


Jazz / Contemporary:




Reggaeton & Ladies Dances:




"I have greatly benefited from ACDance Certification. It gives me a clearer view of what I have been learning. It also give me a structured syllabus that help speed my learning process. The certification also shows me where I am weak in. Without the certification I would not have achieve my dance excellence at such an incredible short period of time." - Choo Yanqing


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